Brochures & News

Everyone is different; this certainly becomes a pertinent observation when anglers are taken into account. As such, we, Angling-Worldwide, do not believe in offering a one package fits all service. Whenever and wherever possible we will endeavour to meet this strict criterion and underpinned ethos. What we offer from the outset is a totally tailored experience where you call the shots, creating what you inevitably want, not being limited by what would be offered by a bog standard package and service. However, this can, at times, limit what we can include in brochures, but these should invariably act as a taster towards what can be offered in full. Not seeing quite what you want on our brochures? No problem, specify your unique requirements and we’ll do the rest. Simple.

If we’re planning new packages, hosted trips, then these will be noted in our news section and on our quarterly newsletter. We’ll also keep you updated on current affairs, along with other news that we find better aids your all-round experience with Angling-Worldwide. Be sure to add your details to our database to receive these when they become available.

Whenever possible these will be sent out in e-versions, saving the use of paper, and creating a greener, sustainable experience, which is another underpinned ethos here at Angling-Worldwide. If, however, you’d prefer a paper/hard version then we will also accommodate this request, using environmentally friendly sources whenever possible.