Sea-Trout Courses

We offer on average three courses throughout the summer months, with each one aimed at people of different experience levels whilst offering a different but well rounded, in-depth session each time.

Similar courses are offered through other organisations, so why choose Angling-Worldwide? We implore you to ask the organisers; where they are based, where the guides come from that undertake and provide the training on the courses and how often they fish the rivers these courses take place on. Ask them how well they know the water, what the guide to angler ratio will be during the course, and how much experience they have of sea-trout fishing in general (especially night fishing). We can guarantee you that other than lying (which will become perfectly evident during the course) the vast majority will be have responses that make our blood boil; they are, quite simply, providing an inferior product and a product that will never give you the best insight into what sea-trout fishing is all about. They may have fished the waters sporadically, but will not know the water in detail, the moods of the river at certain heights, what to do to maximise your chances of intercepting a fish, or what contingencies are on offer should river levels become unfishable.What angling-worldwide offers through its courses are; a maximum guide to client ratio of 3, with 2 being offered and preferred on many options. Guides that are not only local and brought up on the rivers the courses take place on, but fish the waters regularly, knowing the waters and the target species intimately. We know the area like no other and can offer countless contingencies that providers outside the area don’t even know about let alone be able to offer you. Don’t be fooled by cheap or inferior imitations; if it’s got the Angling-Worldwide’ seal of approval on the tin, then it’s Angling-Worldwide inside the tin! And we’ve got years of client testimonials to back this up with.

As a result of being able to offer these unique unsurpassable courses they are in high demand. Courses will be led by Steffan Jones – who needs no introduction when it comes to sea-trout, and knows these rivers intimately, having guided on them for over 15 years. Steffan will also oversee the running of the courses whilst heading the guiding team and each participant of the course will get an opportunity to be guided by him. The rest of the team are the main angling-worldwide guiding team, who are on these rivers sometimes more than 5 nights a week! They are perfectly poised and tuned to maximising your experience and success. Further to that, we introduce guest speakers and demonstrators as part of the courses, where specified, each one bringing some unique quality and appeal to the course, and rounding them off with the precision and detail you deserve.Our courses typically cover; sea-trout behaviour, tactics through the season and of specific value to the time of the course, daytime tactics, safety and etiquette, handling and release, flies and fly-tying, kit and set-ups, leader construction, what lines to use when etc. Please note that much of this information is taught and transferred during your guided sessions, as we find this intimate setting to be a better classroom where information is learnt and stored to a greater degree – learning ‘on the job’.

Single room rate

Twin room rate

Early/main season tactics (for those that have done some sea-trout fishing before, but with limited success).

Beginners introduction to night-time sea-trout fishing

Late/main season tactics (for those that have done some sea-trout fishing before, but with limited success).