Bestowed as the Queen of Welsh rivers, fewer prettier and more classical systems can exist beyond that of the Teifi valley. Renowned for its sea-trout run, where rod catches account for thousands of this mystical species each season, the Teifi presents a superb venue on which to spend some quality fishing time, or acquaint yourself with the sea-trout and sea-trout fishing. Indeed, of all the rivers we offer and represent the Teifi is our primary option when teaching people the art of sea-trout river fishing.

            The Teifi is a mid-sized river flowing over a course of some 75 miles from Teifi Pools to the West coast in Cardigan. It’s comfortably fished with a single handed rod. It’s quite classical in nature being formed by cascading pools, riffles and runs for the most part. Most pools and beats are tree-lined, providing ideal cover for the sea-trout during the day, and interesting featured to aim for during the evening and night. Being situated in a rural area the valley, as a rule, has very little light pollution, providing a great getaway for the town and city dwellers, most of which end up mesmerised by the amount of stars and detail they can see in the true night sky.           Our guides, led by Steffan Jones, were largely brought up on the Teifi, knowing each pool, run and beat intimately – crucial in giving you that step up the ladder when getting to know a new river system, or venturing after an unknown species. Their understanding of sea-trout is unsurpassed and will maximise your chances of catching a fish and the enjoyment of your stay. Again, please refer to our testimonials for reports relaying specifically to these guides, which we are deeply proud of.     

            The Teifi also has a decent run of salmon, which are certainly worth targeting. In addition, there is the occasional grayling (quite rare) as well as brown-trout, which are numerous and provide some great sport on light rods and line.    

            The Teifi system allows spin, bait and fly fishing, but fly fishing only is practised between the hours of sunset and sunrise.Being just 30 minutes or so drive apart it’s perfectly feasible and often undertaken to combine the Teifi and the Towy during a 3 night+ stay. This is easily organised and we can, as always, explore any tangents you may have in mind. Why not also explore some of the fabulous bass fishing to be had along the coastline? We have bass fishing guides ready to assist you in this angle of the sport, and have produced some magical results in the past. As you can see, a journey through angling-worldwide is never boring and never limited.    

Location; The Teifi starts its journey in the Cambrian Mountains, in the fish-rich Teifi-pools, which are joy to visit and fish in their own right. The Teifi ends its journey on the West-Wales course near Cardigan, some 75 miles later. The prime middle reaches are found around the rural conurbation of Llandysul. Llandysul is easily reached, and is some 30 minutes drive North from Carmarthen. We heave details direction on how to get to the Teifi valley along with your chosen accommodation, and will supply these as part of the booking process and information pack.

Overview; The Teifi is the longest river that starts and ends in Wales. The Teifi, although being an unassuming river, empties more water into the sea each year than that of the mighty Thames!! This goes some way to describing the river, making note of its gradient. The Teifi is a classical system, bestowed as the Queen of Welsh rivers, and what a jewel and marvel it is. The Teifi is a mid-sized river, but is narrower than its neighbouring Towy. The valleys through which they course are drastically different too, whereas the Towy flows through a slowly sweeping valley, the Teifi is more sheer and rugged, each holding its unique and unquestionable appeal. We highly recommend a journey to the Teifi, be it your sole destination or as a combination with the Towy.

The river bed, as a rule, is made up of gravel, with some beats and pools being more bouldery than others, making wading generally easy and safe – if you have difficulty wading or are nervous about wading then we can work around this. Full kit lists etc. along with recommended flies are provided as part of the booking process. As part of the guided nights safety kits are provided, which include wading staffs, safety glasses, automatic life jackets, first aid kits etc. as required and requested – these are offered free of charge and are optional.

Seasons/Time to visit; The Teifi season starts on April the 1st, running through to the middle of October. Sea-trout will be in the system before the season officially starts, but May would see the start of the season in earnest. Mid June through to the end of August, and even into September would be regarded as the prime time for the sea-trout. Trout fishing can be productive throughout the season, and the upper reaches may be fished from March the 3rd. A sizeable run of salmon enters the Teifi in May, but are rarely targeted. A September flood would see the best of the Salmon fishing and this would continue up until the end of the season on October the 17th.