Chances are if you have arrived at this page then you already have an inkling of what this revered system offers and has to offer you. When it comes to sea-trout rivers many talk the talk when it comes to fish size and numbers, but very few manage to walk the walk. The Towy certainly has a pedigree to be proud of, covering the walk and the talk! No system in Europe would come close to producing the amount of big sea-trout along with the rod caught annual figure that the Towy is bestowed with. It is, quite simply, THE place to target sea-trout in Europe, not just Wales.

                Coursing and meandering through the sleepy, unassuming Carmarthenshire countryside the Towy evokes an air of optimism and expectation before a line is even laid on the water. Indeed, even if a slippery catch is not made when fishing the Towy, you will undoubtedly take something more valuable away from your experience, something more spiritual and something that soothes the soul. That is, of course, until a sea-trout slams your fly, tears you to your backing in the middle of the night then throws the hook in a silver spray, leaving you gobsmacked, in awe and in turmoil all at the same time!        

The knowledge we possess as a team of the Towy valley can quite simply not be beaten. Our track record is unblemished and that’s why we get people returning to us season after season, without fail. We do what we say, and we do it well.

                We can arrange packages to suit almost every pocket; from the exclusive private beats of the Golden-Grove and Abercothi fisheries, through to cheaper, yet still prolific alternatives. We can arrange week long stays in self catering cottages, through to hotels and B&B’s, just let us know what works best for you and we’ll send through some options accordingly. Why settle for second best when Angling-Worldwide offers the finest service with the most amount of options, yet still at a price to suit your budget? Any other alternative just becomes nonsensical.

Location; South-West Wales. The main fishing reaches begin around Llandovery, ending in Carmarthen. The prime middle reaches would be in the Llandeilo area, which is where most of our packages take place and are situated. Easily reached at the end of the M4 and A48, or via the A40. A train from Central London (Paddington) to Carmarthen takes just 4hours, which appeals to some, and transfers can be arranged from there. We have details direction on how to get to the Towy valley along with your chosen accommodation, and will supply these as part of the booking process and information pack.

Overview; a mid-sized river, best fished with a single hander; 10ft for #8 line. More of a meandering river from the middle reaches downwards, taking the form of a lowland river, rather than a fast, cascading style river. This makes the Towy a very easy river for the fish to navigate and traverse, with little to no man made or natural obstacles. The river bed, as a rule, is made up of very fine gravel and shale, making wading easy and safe. Full kit lists etc. along with recommended flies are provided as part of the booking process. As part of the guided nights safety kits are provided, which include wading staffs, safety glasses, automatic life jackets, first aid kits etc. as required and requested – these are offered free of charge and are optional.

Seasons/Time to visit; The Towy season runs from April to October. However, when you should come would depend on your expectations, experience level, what type of fishing you’d like to do, and whether you want fewer fish but larger fish or more fish with a lower average size. As a rule the main fishing season to target would be mid-May to mid-September, with June, July and August being the prime. Let us know what you’re after and we’ll address and advise accordingly. For Salmon September and October would certainly be regarded as the prime, and the Towy is bestowed with a sizeable run, which is often overlooked.