Trout & Grayling

Wales is bestowed with a wealth of rivers, each one having their own unique character and most if not all having fish of some description present. When it comes to Trout and Grayling fishing you really are spoilt for choice, and it would take many lifetimes to explore and fully understand them all.                 We have famous rivers such as the Usk, Wye, Teifi and the mighty Welsh Dee that require no real introduction, but then there are rising stars in the ranks, the dark horses that are fast becoming the best available and extremely accessible. Rivers such as the Taff, Rhymney and the Ebbw in the industrial valleys of South Wales, where the trout and grayling have been allowed to flourish, after once running black with pollution and overspill from the coalmines. Today, however, they are fertile systems, with hatches that would make some of the better known systems blush in shame.

                We arrange fishing packages on all of these waters and have specialist trout and grayling guides ready to help you on your adventure. From helping you explore a new waterway, through to helping you select the right flies and taking you through a masterclass of the newest techniques such as Czech nymphing, French nymphing etc. They are there to help you get the most from your experience – learning and expanding your craft whilst exploring these wonderful systems at your leisure. 

                We can tailor your package and experience according to your intentions and requirements. For example, you may wish to learn how to fish for grayling in the winter months, how to target small or large streams, how to master the modern techniques or classical ones for the matter. All can be covered by our expert team, and all on the magical trout and grayling river of Wales.

With so many rivers to choose from and with so many within such a small radius, why not ask us to arrange a tour for you? Taking in several rivers in one hit, giving you a true taste of what’s on offer, and allowing you to narrow your choices for future trips.

We can basically arrange whatever suits your needs the best. Just make contact with your requirements and we’ll take it from there.Locations and waters covered

We can arrange fishing and packages on most of the rivers in Wales, but tend to cherry-pick, offering our clients the best there is, without compromise. As such, outside of general requests, which will be fulfilled, of course, we offer: Usk (and tributaries), Wye and tributaries including the fabulous Monnow system and the Irfon, Taff (in Cardiff and above), Rhymney, Ebbw, Teifi. These rivers offer a checklist that would supply something for everyone, with locations scattered across Mid, West and South Wales. As always, Angling-Worldwide offers you the maximum amount of choices available. We know these systems well and are more than happy to discuss suitability and recommendations, especially since these will vary throughout the season.


The following provides a general and brief overview of each river we cover. We do, however, cover many more, so please make contact if you have specific requirements or if you’d like more information on a certain system.

Usk; A trout system that is extremely well known. Great fishing can be had throughout the year and the river as a rule is still one of the finest in Wales when it comes to quality and average size of the trout. Hatches can be prolific, and the spinner falls of summer can be nothing short of magical.

Wye; A very long system that has some fantastic tributaries that may appeal and produce better than the main system. Home to trout and grayling, fishing may be had on the Wye and its tributaries 12 months of the year. We can arrange fishing on prestigious beats on the main river through to lesser known but highly productive tributaries such as the Monnow and the Irfon.

Teifi; Historically one of the finest rivers in Wales for brown-trout. Whilst a healthy population still exists the Teifi is now recognised and targeted more as a sea-trout river than a brown-trout river. Nonetheless, great sport can still be had, especially on the middle and upper reaches.

Taff; Flowing through the heart of the Welsh valleys the Taff is now regarded as one of the finest if not the finest mixed species fisheries in Wales. The fishing and the hatches can at times be nothing short of prolific. Not always the prettiest of system to fish due to its location, but beyond that the fishing is worldclass.

Rhymney; A smaller system situated in the next valley eastwards from the Taff, the Rhymney is a small spate river full of grayling with a healthy population of trout too. A great combination river with the Taff and a great contingency should the Taff be running high. Another industrial system, but the hatches and the fishing are yet again prolific.

Ebbw; Another gem hidden away in the South Wales’ valleys. The Ebbw is a brown trout system, with a calibre of fish that always amazes newcomers to the river. Not a particularly big river, the Ebbw provides an intimate experience with worldclass fishing, even competing with the standards of that found on the Usk! Time to visit/Seasons

The trout season on most of these rivers run from the 3rd of March to the 30th of September. However, certain hatches would make certain rivers worth targeting at certain times of the year. Please contact us for suitability. The grayling season opens on mid June, running throughout the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, and ending in mid March. This means that certain systems may be fished 12 months of the year! Grayling fishing can be prolific throughout their fishable season, but again please contact us for recommendations.