Fishing Guide River Teifi & Towy

We offer guided fishing days and nights for sea trout (sewin) on the river Teifi and Towy as part of a package or as an individual, standalone service. Night fishing can be tricky and is an art, so let our guides lead the way and show you what this magical angle of the sport has to offer.

Locations and waters covered: We offer guided days and nights on both the rivers Teifi and Towy, and have done for numerous seasons – some of our guides are now into their 18th season! We cover a wide range of waters on both rivers, with some guides knowing particular waters or beats better than others – they will be allocated according to your chosen waters. We also guide and have extensive knowledge of the private beats of the Golden-Grove on the Towy, which adds and attractive bonus. No other provider offers a more dedicated, pofessional or extensive service, guaranteed.

Included & Terms: We have a strict no-alcohol rule on the riverbank – other than the customary celebration of a catch with a hipflask. We will not take anglers night fishing if they are or appear to be inebriated; this is for their own safety and in respect to the guides. Guides can offer a transfer service to/from your accommodation if required – this does not incur an additional cost. You do, however, travel in the guide’s vehicle at your own risk.

We provide and offer safety equipment (by prior request) free of charge to our clients on guided nights, which includes; wading staffs, safety whistles, safety glasses, automatic lifejackets, first aid kits etc. Please note your requirements. Refusal is at your own risk.

Guides can offer flies, but losses above an abnormal amount are to be covered, as specified by the guide. We can also offer suitable selections prior to your arrival, which are well received and popular requests.

Time and scheduling: Typically the guides will come to meet you at your chosen accommodation or at a prearranged/designated location. The meet up time will vary according to the time of the season and your package. As a rule the guide will be with you for a 5 hour period (from meet up time to the departure time) and the meet-up time is usually some 2 hours or so before darkness falls. Meet-up time is usually around 8pm, fishing through until 1am. The end of the fishing session is 1am, unless the client draws a close sooner. Guided sessions may continue beyond 1am, but this is to the discretion of the guide – arrangements can be made/discussed with the guide directly.

Costs: Daytime sessions are via prior arrangement. Please make contact to discuss your requirements. Night-time sessions on both the Teifi and Towy are charged as follows:

1 person: £120

2 people: £180 (£90 each)

3 people: £240 (£80 each)

For guided sessions by Steffan Jones, the following costs apply:

1 person: £180

2 people: £270 (£135 each)

Costs do not include permits nor do they include tips/gratuities.

Each guide can take a maximum of three anglers; we do not allow larger ratios for safety reasons and for the group to get the best experience from the guided sessions. Guided nights with Steffan Jones is capped to two anglers max.