The following are unbiased reports and accolades sent through from our past customers. This section is constantly updated as new testimonials are received throughout the year – we appreciate those that have taken time out to send these through to us, they give us a warm feeling to know that we created an experience that was truly appreciated, a warm feeling that helps us strive for perfection each and every time we create a package. What we’re even more appreciative and happier about is that they had such a good time that they decided to mention it to us and were willing to share their personal experiences with you.

“I first made the acquaintance of Steffan Jones, owner of angling-worldwide, when he was a mere lad being escorted to and from the magical rivers of West-Wales by his parents as he wasn’t old enough to drive. From that day I have followed his progress intently, remaining great friends and sharing more than a day or two on the riverbank. In my line of work, and in my daily routine, I meet a lot of anglers. I meet many anglers that are knowledgeable, but very few that I feel create the knowledge. Some people can acquire the skill and knowledge needed to become a proficient angler, however, as in any sport, the ‘natural’ or gifted angler will always shine through. This is what I saw and found in Steffan, being a person who was largely self-taught and developed many unorthodox practices to hone is skills.

I perceived Steffan, even from a young age, to be an extremely competent individual with more than a fleeting know-how of all things piscatorial. Indeed, it was he that started my addiction towards sea-trout, and addiction that drives strong to this day – to which I owe Steffan much gratitude. My confidence in Steffan not only as an individual but also as an organiser of fishing events is as such that I have utilised his services and knowledge for the setting up an filming of Discovery Channel Television programmes, which he helped execute impeccably. I have no hesitation in recommending and suggesting people to utilise Steffan’ services at angling-worldwide, as I have done in the past.”

Matt Hayes; TV presenter, writer, and photographer.

“A few years ago I had a wildly informative night on the Teifi with Steffan Jones (owner of Angling-Worldwide) during which he introduced me to several sewin courtesy of a fly he called the Millennium-Blue. I lost it on a back-cast, but a year later my pal Richard found the same fly wrapped round a piece of barbed wire, snagged it for his own use and caught the two best fish of the night on it. Some fly that: commemorated in perpetuity in a story published in Gray’s Sporting Journal by Jim Babb, an American writer who witnessed the whole druidic episode. The lesson: nights on the river with Angling-Worldwide lead who knows where – but there’ll be lots of fish along the way.”

Charles Rangley-Wilson; Author and TV presenter.

“ While filming a new series on fishing for the Welsh Fourth Channel  /S4C – ‘Sgota with Julian Lewis Jones,  I was fortunate enough to come across Steffan Jones. He was highly recommended by our co- presenter Rhys Llywelyn (Fishing Wales), as a possible contributor to the series. After a ‘recce’ with him on the Tywi River I knew straight away that Steffan was the man for us. His extensive experience and fond personality was a sure sign that he would be able to perform with confidence in front of the camera. We finally decided to film on the Teifi River near Llandysul on Steffan’s home patch. We had a very difficult task – catch a Sewin/Sea Trout in front of the camera within a timescale of a few days! Our presenter and accomplished fisherman Julian Lewis Jones had never fished for Sewin, so we were all a bit apprehensive to say the least. But there was no reason to worry, after some coaching with Steffan, Julian hooked his first Sewin on a black and red flying ‘C’. Steffan had the biggest smile in Wales that day and the pressure was off me and the rest of the team. I would highly recommend him as a fishing guide/consultant for any future film crew. He’s also good on camera – Robson Green watch out!”

Gareth Vaughan-Jones; Producer

“I am 54 years old. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, but I love being out at night and I fish for Sea Trout, not to catch as many as I can, but in a way as a catalyst to help me experience the ambience of the short, dramatic Summer nights.

Last year, together with some friends, I found myself in Wales with Steffan Jones (of Angling Worldwide) on the River Teifi (West-Wales).  I had never met Steffan before, nor had I been in the company of a fishing guide.

Steffan took us to the (in my opinion) perfect place to eat and wait for the sun to set.  Then to the river where we sat and watched the Sea Trout begin to move up stream as dusk approached.  He helped choose the flies to use, which gave me enormous confidence in them, as I had never fished this river before.

We walked to the pools and he not only helped us find the ‘spots’ but also talked about the techniques to apply. We caught fish!

A sound countryman, in my opinion, and, although, I can’t be absolutely sure, I felt that he would have known where the badger had her sett and the fox her earth, I think he could identify the trees and I think he knew the fish by name!!!”

Roland Carson. Cumbria. Freelance writer.

“Planning a trip of a lifetime is full of trepidations, a one off opportunity, for most, that should not be left to chance. My destination was to be Argentina and Chile, targeting the mighty sea-trout and any other fish that would be happy enough to oblige.

I was confronted with many operators that offered many packages, each with its merits. However, I wanted some flexibility; a trip that I wanted to take not what the operator wanted me to take. Being a trip of a lifetime I wanted to experience the place, its magic and mysticism not a bog-standard, monotonous package with limited character and falling short of what I deemed to be of ‘a life experience’ potential. When confronted with Angling Worldwide’s tailored trip I was hooked! After a brief discussion stating what I wanted to get out of the trip it was set! I was in dreamland.

To cut the story short, the trip really was a trip of a lifetime, one that I will never, ever forget. I met up with other anglers on the way, who had gone through other operators and were undertaking the same routine for a week solid, I felt sorry for them. The area had so much to offer, and I got to experience them, thanks to the knowledge and assistance of Angling Worldwide! The trip turned out to be cheaper than what I had seen advertise elsewhere, organised immaculately, and executed beyond what I had anticipated.

The highlights? Well, it may have been the (my first) double figure sea-trout from the Grande, the grand slam (4 trout species) from a secret river tailored through Angling Worldwide, or perhaps the awesome lake rainbows and browns? To be honest, I don’t care, they were all great. Want a bog standard trip ruled by monotony? Look elsewhere. Looking for a true experience, backed by unparalleled support, and ‘finger on the pulse’ advice and knowledge? I can’t recommend Angling Worldwide highly enough. From the bottom of my heart and tackle bag, thanks!”

Julian Kaye, Skipton.

“I cannot recommend Steffan Jones (owner of Angling-Worldwide) highly enough as a guide, his knowledge and advise was fantastic, also an added bonus is that he is great company, he laughs almost as much as John Wilson! If you are looking for someone to help with your fishing, he’s the man.”

Nick warren; Dj , record producer, and half decent fisherman.

“As complete novices to sea trout fishing, a friend and I decided to book a day out with Steffan from Angling Worldwide on the Teifi last summer.  Steff’s reputation on the river speaks for itself and we weren’t disappointed.  His enthusiasm is contagious and he knows the river inside out.  We learnt a huge amount and Steff is great company.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Angling Worldwide.”

Tom Castle

“Steffan is one of those people you occasionally meet with whom you have instant rapport. He has a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of fishing, the quarry species and their habitat.

On the three day sewin fishing break that I attended on the Towy in July 2009, he impressed the whole group with his attention to detail and his willingness to go the extra mile to make it an enjoyable experience. In my opinion, he is a true professional and I look forward to the next opportunity to fish with him.

Kind regards.”

Robin Melley

“Three of us had a terrific time and, being a group which included an old hand and two complete junior novices, we all benefitted from the expert tuition and the enormous amount of ‘river knowledge’ of our guide Steffan. Everything was brilliantly organised and went absolutely to plan, even down to the point of catching fish!”

Alistair Bird

“Thanks for a marvellous taster of sea-trouting in Wales. Having not met you or dealt with you previously I was very impressed with your organisation both for organising accommodation, guides,contact numbers and permits and the quality of the guides who work with you-they really are top notch  in knowledge enthusiasm and friendliness. A fantastic three nights fishing, thanks again and see you again.”

Paul Brown

“Steffan provides a first rate service.  I came to fish the Teifi in 2008, but it was in full flood.  Steffan arranged fishing and a guide on the Towy instead.  I went to the Teifi again in 2009, and conditions again were not great (we were late in the season), but, thanks entirely to the efforts of Steffan’s team, I caught a 9½ lb salmon, and a couple of small sea trout.  His guides are knowledgeable and enthusiaistic, and fun to be on the river with.  Some guides are a bit negative when conditions are less than perfect – not Steffan and his team.”

Tom Rochford

“After weeks of planning and preparation, in early July 2009, a party of five  60’ish semi-retired  West country sea trout fishermen set off on a trip to try and catch some big Welsh sewin.

We had the great good fortune to be guided by Steffan Jones and Jamie on the Towy.

Despite the capricious weather and pouring rain, on our first night we caught between us six magnificent seatrout between three and seven pounds and two little schoolies. It was truly a magical night to remember, and was only possible because of the excellence of the guides. Their local knowledge was fundamental to our success.They were both great company, full of wisdom and pitched their advice at just the right level for us to get the most out of our trip. I am delighted, on behalf of the group, to express our thanks and gratitude to Steffan and Jamie in this brief testimonial.”

Dr Adam Price

“I spent two long weekends fishing the Towy and the Teifi with Steffan last summer, hoping to catch my first sea trout in the dark. Unfortunately the weather conspired to thwart my ambitions on both occasions with the river in full flood. During the first trip, which was organised through Trout and Salmon magazine, a group of about 8 of us were given expert tuition by Steffan and his co-instructors. It soon became apparent that these guys are real experts with a wealth of knowledge of the rivers and how to fish them. What was really impressive was the time, organisational effort and sheer determination that Steffan put in to ensure that we all caught fish despite the conditions. I managed a 4 pounder on spinner from the Teifi.

Appetites whetted, a friend and I rebooked with Steffan a few weeks later and once again we arrived in a downpour that meant that night fishing was out of the question. However we persevered with day time spinning, again with excellent and patient tuition from Steffan. Unfortunately we blanked, although I did manage to lose a big fish on the second morning when Steffan was still in bed. It’s a beautiful part of Wales, the Golden Grove fishing is superb in terms of access, wading etc and I’m hoping for perfect conditions for my next trip. If only Steffan would buy a decent car.”

Dr John Gough

“A few years ago I was intending to make my first casts on the rivers of West Wales in search of Sea Trout at night.  To say I didn’t really know where to start would be an understatement and by chance I was put in touch with a chap called Steffan Jones of Angling Worldwide who was reported to know a thing or two about this mysterious art.  Several years and many challenging trips later I still regard Steffan as one of the best fly fishermen I’ve fished with and his skills as a guide are, in my view, absolutely essential if you do not fish the Teifi or Towy regularly.

He’s a nice bloke as well and I would wholeheartedly recommend Steffan and his team to any visiting angler.”

Jeremy Bourke

“In the summer of 2009 I spent time fishing the Towy and Teifi in the company of Steffan Jones and his guides from Angling Worldwide. The majority of the time was spent on the waters of the Golden Grove Estate. The weather conspired to prevent all but a taste of night fishing for Sea Trout despite this however the trip was far from disappointing. As a result of Steffs hard work, local knowledge and tuition I was lucky enough to catch my first Sea Trout, a lovely fish of about 7lbs caught on a spinner. Even though this was the only viable technique most of the time Steff was able to impart much of his valuable knowledge with regard fly fishing techniques. During the trip his company was always a pleasure and his expertise meant you felt that you might catch at any moment whilst he was at your side. I can give no higher recommendation than my intention to return to the beautiful surroundings and fish with Steffan again when time allows and this time no doubt fulfil an ambition to catch a sea trout on the fly at night, exhilarating!”

Dr Lloyd Harding

“I have fished in many different parts of the world but my trip to the Towy was unique.  With the weather conditions completely against us fishing was virtually a washout and a potential disaster.  Steffan Jones was the consummate professional and when lesser mortals would have given up, he persevered and ensured that we had a chance for fish every day.   Indeed when all was looking bleak, Steffan and his extraordinary sixth sense put us on a beat on the final afternoon where I had four Sea Trout in quick succession, the largest being 7lbs.  He is without a doubt one of the most dynamic, motivated and professional guides I have ever had the pleasure to fish with”

Roland Dangerfield


“If I had been born in West Wales and my dad had taught me to fish, I would not need a guide. If, however, like me you are unfamiliar with fishing for sewin and the area then it makes a great deal of sense.

I chose an awful  time, there had been no significant rain for 3 months, the river was lower than anyone locally could recall, it was, I must admit lovely weather for the beach, but much more ominous it was full moon with clear skies!

Nevertheless the guides knew where best to go, and helped ensure that my set up was appropriate. It was all very exciting. Safety is a major priority; wading these rivers, especially at night, is to say the least hazardous, but the guide knew where it was safe and where it was definitely not safe to wade.

Well it was a struggle in the bright moonlight, albeit outstandingly beautiful, but in the end, fishing one dark pool as the moon set yielded 2 fish, the largest a fresh run 3.5 pounder.

Overall a great experience, you learn about the river, techniques and tactics, and enjoy the company of enthusiastic and very knowledgeable guides. I will definitely do this again.”

David Rycroft

“From start to finish the trip was as near perfect as you get.  The arrangements and information supplied beforehand were spot on and the accommodation was comfortable and most importantly angler friendly.  Steffan and the guides who worked with our group were superb, being able to instantly adapt to the varying skill levels of the group.  Their knowledge of the rivers, their surroundings and the fish were first class.

It was a privilege to be out in such a beautiful setting at night fishing for such wild fish.  I’d like to put into words the experience of catching my first sea trout on the fly in the dark, but words won’t do it justice, it was far too personal an experience – you’ve just got to go do it for yourself.”

Andrew Leaves

“I first became aware of Steffan after watching him as a guide on a couple of television programs.  So, when I decided to have a go at Sea Trout fishing I looked up his name on the Internet and contacted him. As I was a novice at this type of fishing I was looking for all types of advice and suggestions regarding where and when to fish etc. Steffan was extremely helpful with this and came up with several different options for me to consider and change if I wished. His patience and obvious expertise in understanding what I wanted were first class. I finally decided on two nights fishing on the Teifi, one being guided by Steffan, followed by two nights on the river Towy, again one night with a guide.

Before the trip all the information I needed regarding accommodation, tackle suggestions and maps were sent to me so all I had to do was pack and go. Upon arrival at my first accommodation everything I needed (permits, maps, etc) was already in my room along with a pre-arranged time to meet. In all I landed four Sea Trout during the trip and were I a better angler I could have landed up to 10 more.  But more importantly, the knowledge I acquired was priceless. The guides, Steffan and David, provided such valuable information regarding all aspects of fly fishing on the rivers at night, which is what I was interested in.

This was a superb package which I enjoyed greatly from start to finish and of which the organisation and flexibility was superb. I’ll finish up by saying that not only did I catch fish and learn a vast amount, but I would also like to thank Steffan who was fantastic company, has immense knowledge of fishing, wildlife and is also a true gentleman.  The pleasure to meet and fish with him was all mine.”

John Morgan, Bristol

“I am writing to you to say a big thank you for the guided sea-trout night fishing package which you arranged for my friend and I. We both found the guide you arranged to take us out to be very efficient and patient, and he could not do enough for us and was very surprised how much we learnt from him. More importantly we felt very comfortable around him as he was so friendly and we certainly caught more sea-trout than we imagined.

The fishing aside, the B&B that you sorted for us was just what we required and our hosts were great company and very understanding towards our nocturnal pass time.

On a final note, I would just like to say how beautiful the river was and its surroundings were and just added to such an enjoyable experience! Seeing an otter for the first time in the wild was the icing on the cake and will never be forgotten.”

Many, many thanks.”

Phil Wilsby. Bristol.

“As an aged beginner with two season’s experience I had caught a few school sewin but my dream was to catch some of the larger but fairly scarce early June sewin. Angling Worldwide provided me with a very welcoming, skilled, and knowledgeable guide who tailored his advice to my exact needs. My personal knowledge and skills were enhanced to the point that I not only caught on my guided night but was able to transfer my newly acquired skills and knowledge to another beat on the following night when I grassed a sewin over 6lb. My confidence is now very high and thanks to Angling Worldwide I feel that I am now ‘kitted-out’ for catching these larger sewin.”

Ian McDonald. Buckingham.

“I am writing this testimonial as I want other serious sea-trout fisherman to enjoy some first class night fly fishing in the company of professionals just as I did whilst fishing the River Teifi in West-Wales, UK, with Angling Worldwide.

Night fishing for big sea trout, known in local parlance as ‘pigs’, is always heart stoppingly exciting, often can be dangerous to the un-tutored or unguided as this river has deep runs & pools that often need to be waded, sometimes spooky with its mysterious river fogs and, to the uninitiated, very frustrating – that means there are lots of low willows drooping down across some known & proven lies, often tying the unwary in knots…bring plenty of flies if you are going it alone. Generous casting tips and help from these experts in rivercraft push up the tail-count as well.

All I can say is I want more of this experience-bring it on, it’s addictive. I’ve been back many times in my trips to the UK & intend to be back this June, 2006.

You really see the difference a professional guide can make when you have taken 2 or 3 beautiful silvery sewin & the unguided visitor- bumping into you as you both tip toe up & down the banks in the pitch dark- has proclaimed “nothings moving tonite” & he still has an empty bag, so local knowledge is key, and Angling Worldwide have that expertise – in creels full at reasonable prices!

I also learnt that there are secret combinations of flies on a leader, with different tubes & droppers proving deadly at different water levels & moon phases, often changing my set up several times over the course of the night…oh and did I mention my 8 lb 4 oz beautiful hen fish that dragged me all over a pool at 3am in the morning last year…as a Kiwi I really did feel like the ancient maori legend of Maui, with him  pulling an island out of the dark deep waters of Aotearoa, but I’m getting carried away with myself it was the lovely waters of the Teifi that laid bare their secrets under the expert tutelage of one of Angling Worldwide. I do highly recommend them.”

David Barclay-Miller. Redwood, Canterbury, New Zealand.

“Angling Worldwide organised a bespoke trip to the Teifi+Towy for me in June of 2004 and 2005. I caught my first sea trout which at over 7lb’s I understand to be a fish of a lifetime with plenty of backup fish – all down to the guide! The scenery was mind-blowing accommodation superb, every detail catered for. Already booked my next visit, 5 stars!!!”

Adrian Davey, Lechlade.

“In the summer of 2005 Angling Worldwide organised a guided trip for a small group of my friends and I sewin fishing in Wales. We had a memorable time. Angling Worldwide, and their guides, combined that perfect mix of deep knowledge and authority on their subject with a genuine personal charm. The first time you meet them they feel like an old friend and their enthusiasm for fly-fishing is boundless.”

Richard Newton. Surrey.

“I had fished my way through most of the decent Scottish and English rivers that had a respectable run of sea-trout, but Wales was yet a mystery, a mystery that was beckoning. I had been recommended by a friend to make contact with Angling Worldwide, who had been arranging his trips to the rivers of West-Wales for many a year. A quick email later, full of the usual nitty-gritty questions we anglers have along with my requirements, and I was in business. Surely it can’t be that easy? I thought. Angling Worldwide organised everything! I just turned up and fished – for me, the hallmark of a great angling holiday. I get enough pressure in my daily routine, organising this and that, so to have a service that fulfilled my every need was a godsend. The trip worked out great, the fishing was great too seeing me latch into, and losing, my first Welsh sea-trout. I wont’ boast my final tally, but let’s just say it was respectable. And I put this down totally to the guide that Angling Worldwide organised for my trip, his knowledge, patience, and company made the trip for me. I’m hooked and booked for next year!”

Nick Wilkinson, York.

“Just a short note to thank your company for the superb fishing trip you organised for me and a couple of friends Sea-Trouting. The guide was excellent; knew the river and pools, and flies for catching fish (which we did). Hotel accommodation was very good and understanding about nutty fisherman coming in as dawn breaks. Well done, will recommend anyone looking for an efficient organised holiday anywhere to talk to you first.”

Jeremy Jackson; Cortland ltd.

“Angling Worldwide arranged and took a colleague and I for a night of sewin fishing on the middle beats of the Teifi.  The angling-worldwide guide clearly knew the river well and had been out in daylight, prior to our session, in order to assess river conditions and potential hot-spots.  Throughout the night he provided a wealth of information, and good company, which resulted in a successful nights fishing.  He also corrected some key errors in our approach to sewin fishing which several years on I still apply each time I go out – money well spent, and we will return.”

Sam Elcomb, N.C.E.